broody hen attacked me!

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  1. marieannhurley

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    Feb 21, 2017
    Hello, I have been raising chicks the past two years using just broody hens. I have had about 7 clutches so far. Today was the first time ever that a mother straight up attacked me when i tried to give it food and water. I have her in a chicken tractor that is fairly large. she has had a difficult "labor" since I had another broody in my typical broody spot. only one of her chicks hatched out so I wonder if she is more protective. this is her first clutch and she just started laying a few months before she went to brood. has anyone else had this happen?
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    Most of my broody hens have attacked me. You don't need to give them food and water. Just make it accessible to them and leave them alone to do their thing.
  3. marieannhurley

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    Feb 21, 2017
    shes not on the nest. my other hens have pecked at my hand. but this is not what i am talking about. the chick was born about a week ago. so they are up eating and pecking. I was changing out the food and water in the chicken tractor and she attacked me like a rooster would.
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    I also have had this happen with so many broodies. I have had them chase me, peck at me, and jump up like a rooster and try to jab me with what spurs and toenails they have. All they are trying to do is protect all they have worked so hard to produce and take care of.
  5. So funny......My broody Splash Orpington attacked me also....She was still setting and I always let her out once a day to eat , drink and poop.....I got to close to the nest I guess and she chased me out of the garage....Then I had to try catching this huge Hen that wanted to pick my eyes

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