Brower Metal Incubator - Model 845


11 Years
Apr 19, 2008
Bedias, TX
Times are tough, and everyone is cutting back. That includes me. Decided to let this incubator go, no matter how much I love it, and just stick to one small incubator, at least until the future.

This is a round metal incubator, a Brower 845. These are AWESOME. Getting very hard to find. I hate to do it, because these hold temperatures like a dream and are so reliable, but I had to choose.

I think it holds 50 eggs? I've never put that many in there, but recently did a batch of EE eggs and had 25 in there with TONS of room to spare. Held temps perfectly and didn't have a problem.

Still air, hand turning.

Can get pictures in a little while.

Would like to get $100.00. Will ship for $25.00 more.
I think I saw your ad on CS Craigslist and started researching this model. Do you happen to have any pics? When was the last time it was used?

Are you planning on coming to Conroe for the Animal Tradin' Days on October 4th?
Just got pics earlier, so here we go.




I just recently incubated 25 EE eggs in it. They were moved to my Brisnea to hatch. It held temp like a champ.

I hadn't heard of Trading Days, do please share? Conroe is a bit far, but I do work in Navasota.
Thanks for the pics. I'm going to see if I can talk my husband into purchase.

Animal Trading Days is held 2 times a year at the Lone Star Convention center in Conroe. from 7 am until 5. Always the first Sunday in October & either April or May. (I forget) Anyway people bring livestock to sell from all over. I purchased several really nice hens there this past spring. It is best to come early.

Off topic, but my farrier lives in Bedias.
Aw, on Sunday? Hubby almost always works Sundays. Boo.

Maybe I can talk him into taking a day off...

There is a Farrier that lives right down the road from me. Has some lovely horses too, and a ton of cattle. Does roping and cutting I think.

Just let me know
Hubby said "No way!"

He's right of course, times are tight right now and the last thing I need to do is go somewhere where I'm bound to find something I just MUST have lol


Maybe I'll make the next one next year.

Let me know if you're still interested in the 'bator, I work in Navasota on the weekdays and could meet you there. I also need to go to my bank in Montgomery next week (Mon/Tue) after work, so that's a bit closer to you.

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