Buff Comb Ripped Completely off

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    May 27, 2012
    My Buffs comb was ripped completely off 9 days ago. Something got into the coop during a terrible storm and killed one, injured 2. Her wound has healed and I put her back in the coop last night. The hens started picking on her. How long before I can put her back in the run and she'll be safe? Do they perceive a weakness in her? The injury looks much better than the pic now. This was the day of the injury.
  2. BuffOrpington88

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Oh no! One of my buffs got a piece of their comb ripped off too. It's probably just the red color that they're picking at. If she's a little lethargic, then I would separate her until she's acting normally. After that, I would say that it would be fine if you put her back with the others as long as you put some blu-kote (or something similar) on the wound to conceal the red color until it's all healed. That will probably get them to ignore it. Good luck!
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    Blu-kote is a great idea and yes, they see her differently than before.
    Chickens have a blood thirsty nature- when they see the red color, instinct takes over and they will peck the injured flock mate to death.
    It's horrible, I know but those are the facts.
    Let us know if the Blu-Kote works and best wishes!

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