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Mar 24, 2018
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Hi guys!:frow I don't post threads that much and decided I would do one. I have a Buff duck sitting on eggs and I am real excited because I don't hear very much of Buffs being broody. Today is day 7 and and I am growing impatient! I keep crossing my fingers:fl she stays committed these next 21 days! And hoping most of these eggs are fertile! Several months ago I had another one of my Buffs go broody but, not having homes for them, broke her broodiness. Well here we are several months later with a broody mama, six eggs, family's waiting for their ducklings, and 21 days left to go! In this thread I will be updating on this process(as much as possible most likely on the weekends) and if along the way ask some Q's. Feel free to share story's, ask Q's, or post pics of yalls broody's along the way so we don't get board of just seeing my duck sitting on a nest.:pop Can't wait to see how far this takes us...and I am awaiting the day when I can post that the ducklings have made there way in the world!:yesss: Thanks for yalls help in advance along the way!:hugs


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I’ll follow along too. Having 2 Buffs of my own that have never showed any interest in going broody I am hoping yours stays the course. And I commend you for finding homes for your ducklings before letting her hatch any!
So I think I miss counted so I think today is:
Day #10
Update #2:
Today has been good! Ducks never got to free range cuz I was out of the house most of the day so that gave her(sally) more time to sit. I honestly am losing hope because whenever I candle the eggs(for no good reason just for my sanity cuz I am really wanting to see some of the development of these babies) I can't see any blood vessels(the flash light was not that bright and I didn't really know what I was looking for(yall are probably like "Newbie":smack) anyway I would love to see some pics of what yalls eggs looked like at day 10(or some were close to that). I know mama knows what she is doing and me getting the way will make everything worse but as a duck mom I feel I need to intervene(which I don't). Thanks for all the help! I will try to get some pics of Sally soon but she never likes getting pics while on the nest so maybe it will be just pics of the eggs.:pop
Day #14
Update #3:
So I haven't been updating very often but as I said...weekends are probably my best opportunity to do so. I hope all you you guys are doing well, as I am! Anyway....Sally seems to be doing good. I haven't candled because I really don't want to interfere so I am doing the best thing and leaving it be. Also I had one concern....today I saw one of the egg shells laying on the ground in the coop(no yolk or ducklings development in sight). I looked in the nest and I see 5 eggs(we started with 6). Well I was kinda wondering what this is. I am guessing it was a rotten egg that was rolled out of the nest and one of the other ducks ate it. I have done my calculations right so no ducklings should be hatching yet and if(lets just imagine here) that I have miscounted...what is the chance my other ducks will eat the duckling? Thinking about this happening kinda concerns me. I am also going out of town tomorrow so I will not be here to keep an eye on the eggs.....AAAHH I don't want this to be complicated but don't want mama or the growing babies to be in danger from my other ducks. Advise?
Day #15
Update #4:
All is going good today. Sally is not really showing much interest in free ranging and she would much rather sit on the nest. I am getting kinda concerned because whenever I candled yesterday I could not see any blood rings but what seemed to look like the growth:confused:....I am so confused what is going on with these eggs.:idunno

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