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Please post all bugs and issues here, but PLEASE do the following:

First, look through this thread to see if your issue has already been reported!

If it hasn’t been reported, then we need VERY specific details so we can reproduce the problem and find a solution. Saying, “I can’t login” or “I got an error” or “I can’t upload pictures” will not be enough information for us to help you.

Here are the absolutely required questions we need you to answer if you are having problems on the site:

• What happened that you didn’t expect, or didn’t happen that you expected?
• What is the URL of the page where you had a problem and/or saw an error?
• Did you receive any error messages? If yes, what were they? Please copy and paste the entire message, screenshots are best
• What were the exact steps you took before having problems? Please be as specific as possible so we reproduce exactly what you did.

Once you have answers to those 4 questions, please reply to this thread with your specific details.

Known Issues / Bugs:

  1. Reports of slow performance. Note: Make sure you're running the newest version of your browser. Reports are that the site functions best in FireFox 8 and above, and Chrome 16.
  2. If you are MISSING threads, pages, posts, or pictures, reply with specific details on what exactly is missing and where you expect it to be (which page, forum, section, etc.).
  3. Some users are seeing deleted PMs: Very odd, and the engineers are looking into it!
  4. Access to the BST section giving some a "Private" error. Looking into it.
  5. Avatars are "fuzzy" - We increased the avatar size form 80 pixels to 120 pixels, so your smaller avatars might look blurry. Upload a new one and it should be clear.
  6. Avatars or signatures not transferred: Looking into this. You can go into your profile to update them.
  7. Not getting email notifications: double check your subscription settings in your profile. Subscription settings should have been transferred over.
  8. Reports of being logged in, but then getting logged out: Looking into it. Try leaving the site, deleting your internet cache of files, and come back to the site.
  9. Spell check not working - see the FAQ's here.
  10. Reports of missing images, broken links, etc. please post a link to where you see these with details on exactly what you see or don't see.
  11. Search Index isn't complete - Known issue, indexer has a lot of posts to index, we'll let you know when it is complete.
  12. Duplicate smilies, two of each:

Please Note:

1) This thread is not the place to post if you do or don't like the new site... those can go in the Random Ramblings section or this thread. Any posts that are not directly related to bugs and have detailed errors / issues, we'll move them to a different, more appropriate thread so we can keep this thread specific, on topic, and uncluttered.

2) If we see duplicate posts on the same issue we may remove them in an effort to keep this thread clean and uncluttered.
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Keep in mind that we've been lightly evaluating this platform for 11 months, and seriously discussing it behind the scenes amongst the staff for 5 months!

Thousands of emails, phone calls, and forum discussions combined with countless hours researching, due diligence, evaluating, etc. went into this decision. It was not something we just woke up and thought, "Oh, let's change the forum software... that should be easy and a lot of fun!"

Exactly 5 years ago to the day we converted BYC from another platform to the one before this. Many people just as aggressively hated what we did and many wished we hadn't made the change. It's interesting to see now that the system that was fought against is now the one that many are saying they can't do without.

This isn't going to be the best system for all people all the time, but after almost a year of research we decided this was the best fit for where we are and where we want to be.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who is patiently working with us to answer people's questions and find problems! Our members are what make BYC great, and now is our chance to really shine!

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What happened to my avatar?

ETA -Nevermind I re-uploaded it.
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Okay, this may be a dumb question. On the home page, it says to watch this video to get started:

Then there is a blank space. I can't find anything to click on. I did try to watch the video that was posted right before the old site went down. I could hear that video, but the screen was just black. I am using an IPad, if that makes any difference.

Hopefully, if you reply to this, I will be able to find your answer. I am one of those old technology-confused type person!
It seems I'm missing a few threads!
It seems the threads I've made since the start of the year are missing, but my post count is still the same. I know it's not a transfer issue, because everyone else's posts have showed up fine. Is it something to do with my account?

Ahah, I found a couple, but only through looking at my list of posts. They're not showing up on the forum, but I suppose we're only half an hour in, so I should give it some time. :p Good to know they're not deleted. Oh, another thing: I can't seem to type in this box without clicking on the "Source" button - is that something to do with my browser? It's pretty old.
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I'm not getting email notifications for my subscriptions, I've even tried resubscribing because I thought that was the problem, no love.

Sometimes when I hit backspace while typing a post it'll shoot be back to the previous line or period, I'm not sure which since i'm staring at my hands (horrible typer, but atleast I sue more than 2 fingers
Old Avatar and the pages load so incredibly slow. Also, I have developed a headache after only a few minutes of looking around.

Loading fine here, but site freeezes. Checking to see if it's on my end........

ETA: I was at the end of an automated virus scan. Things seem to be OK. Layout is nice! Now that the site is updated, it looks like I'll need to update myself. Reminds me of when MS got rid of the toolbars and went to 'ribbons.' Everything is there, but in different locations or on new-looking buttons.......
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