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Chicken Picken
Aug 28, 2019
L.I. , NY
My Coop
My Coop
Hi all, just joined the other day after lurking for a while . I have a thread over in the new members forum , I'm just getting started , don't have any chickens yet . I want to get a decent coop done first so I just got started on that yesterday . I've looked around a bit and read and looked at prefabs and figured I could build one myself . I like the Carolina Coop style so thats what I'll be building with my own take on it . Overall size will be 6' wide by 13' long . Coop is raised so the run will extend under the coop , the hen house will be the same 6' wide x 5 ' long , the roof will extend over the run . Here's yesterdays pics .
First trip to Lowes


Second trip to Home Depot


Set up string lines for corners and strted post hole digging and setting 4 x 4's


That was it for yesterday , still have 2 more 4 x 4's to set and concrete in . More to come .
Today I got a little more done . Got the last two 4 x 4's in and waiting on the quick set concrete to harden up .


Time to start framing , I have to pick up more 2 x 4's so didn't get any framing done in the run area .


I did get to make up a pattern truss , checked for fit and took it apart to mark all the truss pieces with prior to cutting them , I'll need to make 8 trusses altogether .


That was it for today , more to come tomorrow .

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