BUSTED!!! Darn the luck

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by ScoobyRoo, May 15, 2010.

  1. ScoobyRoo

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    Aug 21, 2008
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    On my way home from work yesterday, I just "HAD" to stop by the feed store and see what new chicks came in Thursday. As I'm looking over the cute fuzzys, my cell phone rings. I answer it, which turns out to be my oldest DD.

    Immediately she says "NO MOM"!

    I said "what?" innocently [​IMG]

    She says again "NO, Mom, I hear them. You are not buying anymore chickens. I hear them".

    Can you believe that I actually listened to her?!?

    They really didn't have anything different that I wanted anyway.

    I do tend to get carried away sometimes. I do have my fair share of fuzzy butts already.
  2. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009
  3. LindseyM12

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    May 4, 2009
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  4. FrenchHen

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    The correct response: "Don't talk to your mother like that young lady. They're already in the car with me."

    Then pick out what you want.

    But you get points for being honest.
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    Dec 15, 2009
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    May 2, 2009
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    Oct 5, 2009
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Camelot Farms

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    My kids are at the point that they VOLUNTEER to go to the feed store for feed etc just so I wont go.... rotten kids! [​IMG]
  9. Gonzo

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    May 25, 2009
    Southwestern, In
    [​IMG] Thats funny! We're all weak here! I can't go to certain places where I know chicks will be.... so one day, I sent my DH to rural king... Who came home madder than a wet hen because "they wouldn't sell me any chicks! They have a min. of 25!" [​IMG]
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    Jan 12, 2007
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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