BYC Mentioned In "The Washington Post" Article - Egg Taste Test

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    Kudos for the mention in the Post.

    I think ours taste better than store-bought production eggs. There is a richness to the yolks that is just not available in the supermarket.
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    Who would eat an egg blindfolded anyway [​IMG] Crazy I tell ya! Our eggs are better because of all the love the chickens get [​IMG] Hope folks that read this check out the site and learn the truth [​IMG]
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    Dec 14, 2009
    Ours definitely taste richer, eggier, I guess. My mom grew up with white supermarket eggs, and she went back to those because ours taste "different". I'm sorry the author didn't find any difference, but everyone I've asked or given or sold eggs to tells me there is a difference. I think I'll believe the people I know.[​IMG]
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    Good for us but I don't agree... [​IMG]

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