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  1. the're really nice and i recommend them
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  2. yes i didn't intend to be harsh either and i agree
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    Feb 24, 2014
    palm bay,fl
    hello, I just joined BYC today & was browsing when I saw your parrot club. I have only had chickens for 3 months
    a buff silkie, white silkie & buff cochin bantam. they are all hens, though the white one recently passed away (3
    days ago). I have just acquired 4 new chicks about 5-6 wks of age. one white silkie, one color silkie I haven't seen
    pictures for yet, almost same color cochin bantam & one buff frizzle bantam (unk breed). I am pretty sure the
    frizzle isn't a cochin because it doesn't have any feathers on lower legs or feet & it isn't a silkie because it has pale
    skin and 4 toes plus no feathers on feet. I have had parrots, cockatiels, finches & ringnecked doves over the years.
    I currently have a citron-crested cockatoo (18 yoa, dna tested male) & a nanday conure (22 yoa, dna tested male).

    hope I haven't rattled on too long here. if anyone replies to this or asks me questions please be patient, I am new
    at this.
  4. awesome i love cokatoos and all parrots and would love to get a cockatoo
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    Apr 28, 2014
    Greetings Folks, I am new here, we have several rescued Parrots: 2 Amazons, ! African Grey Congo, 1 Pearly Conure, 4 Lovebirds, and 1 old budgie!
    We just acquired 20 laying hens (Rhode Island Reds) and have 50 chicks to raised as meat chickens coming tomorrow. To raise these chicks, we must have them on our main floor (in the house) for a few here is my dilemma: any health risks with having parrots and chicken babies in the same house? Not worried about big birds learning to talk "cackle" but concerned about any serious illnesses the parrots could catch?
    Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome LadyCedar!

    I have two macaws and a lovebird. I also at any given time have a brooder full of chicks in the kitchen. There are people out there who will tell you that chickens spread disease to exotic birds and can't be kept together, but I have never had a problem, except for one of my birds picking up the sound of a baby chick, so it sounds like I have a 50-pound chick when he gets started peeping!

    I also have adult chickens that come inside from time to time. I have four who like to lay their eggs in their "special place" in the kitchen. They peck on the front door until I let them in, sit a while, lay their eggs, and then cackle at the front door to be let back out. Again, I've never had any health problems with the chickens or the exotics because of it.

    The person I bought my lovebird from was horrified that I had chickens - she said my lovebird would surely die if it was exposed to them. That was two years ago. I guess it is a slow death, because she looks fine to me!

    I think it has more to do with how clean you are than whether or not you have chickens.

    By the way, we make and sell exotic bird toys. Check us out at
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    TYVM Sjisty,
    I also spoke to my feed dealer about the chicks re: medicated/non-medicated feeds, and he told me that as long as birds premises are kept clean, no reason to fear disease....but then having Parrots we are used to cleaning up...LOL. This morning had the Lovebirds out, and they felt I was ignoring them by typing on the computer, so they kept "bombing" me with seeds, until I stopped to talk to them.....also, our chicks are coming from the Mennonite supplier, and they have a reputation for selling healthy birds...
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    kiki 1 yo male kakariki [​IMG]
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    May 1, 2012

    How pretty.

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