California friendly plants for chicken forage

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    Sep 26, 2014
    Hello folks!

    So I am in the process of relandscaping my backyard and would like to plant some shrubs that can serve as forage for my hens. As many of you know, California is experiencing a serious drought so in addition to watering with my new greywater system, I'd like to focus on putting plants that are native to California and/or drought tolerant. I found this really cool website that lists Arizona natives and other drought tolerant plants: The Wolfberry, Desert Hackberry and Quail Brush seem to be particularly good for hens, but I wanted to see if there were some California natives that can also be a great source of food for my girls. The area is a 90 square foot slight incline on the south side of my house.

    Looking forward to suggestions!
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    We have some active CA threads here where you can meet locals and neighbours and ask for help, I don't know which part of CA you live in, so I'll link both threads here:

    In addition, here are some articles on chickens and gardening that may help you some as well:

    Enjoy the site and good luck with the new gardening project!

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