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    Dec 18, 2012
    Sonoma County, Ca.
    Hello Steve, you have built a beautiful coop, I love it! It is wonderful inside and out! Your birds are so pretty! Lucky little birds......
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    Sep 14, 2011
    Shingle Springs, CA

    I think that only applies to coming indoors. I believe they have the right to do outdoor maintenance, unless maybe you've reached an agreement to do it all.
  3. debs_flock

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    Sep 14, 2011
    Shingle Springs, CA
    BTW Deerling, beautiful coop. It looks very nice nestled there in the trees.
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    Aug 30, 2010
    Magnolia, TX
    Well since it is overkill for your needs, I will gladly take it off your hands as I am needing one. That one would do nicely. [​IMG] That way you can make one to fit your needs better.

    That tomato is a large as your daughters head......wish I had some fresh produce this year.

    Wow ! I didn't know Polish needed all that work. Mine never got it for sure! I must have broken every rule there...

    I think so too. Since they didn't come inside or even knock on your door, I think he can come and do maintenance. However, I am not 100% positive. It's too bad he is such a butt!
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    Aug 21, 2011
    Fairfield, CA
    I am in Fairfield, CA and am interested in purchasing 12+ modern game hatching eggs.
    I'd much prefer to pick them up rather than trust the mail - I could go as far as North Sac or Santa Rosa or San Jose or Stockton.
    Does anyone have any available & at what price?
    I am not interesting in showing - just love the looks and want to add to my motley flock.
    Thank you! [​IMG]

    - Lisa
  6. HighNDryFarm

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    Feb 2, 2011
    Paradise, CA
    Panic is starting to set in.....I have 24, pricy little Black Copper Marans due yesterday and I have ONE PIP!That's IT! ONE PIP! I've heard peeping since yesterday (even took the once chick we still have in here outside to make sure it wasn't her) and since my last hatch didn't have much activity until the morning after they were due I wasn't too worried but now I'M WORRIED![​IMG]

    I set the eggs at 9:10pm on March 30th. 12 were shipped eggs and they did set a few days after they got her, they were packed well. Only down would be I waited a few days longer then probably preferred but nothing that I shouldn't let some hatch. 11 I hand carried from the breeder and set them the night I got them. One is one of my Blue Copper Marans covered by my Ameraucana, I only have one Olive Egger and it's my lone chick I kept from the last hatch.

    It's in the Brinsea Octagon 20 w/humidity pump. I had some funky humidity issues in the first couple of day with the tube being pinched but I can't see how that should effect anything. Then I just pinched the humidity cord a couple of hours ago and the humidity dropped to 38% when I moved the incubator to see the other side but I only have one small pip so I can't imagine an hour of low humidity would do anything.

    I candled at day 8 and again a couple of days before lockdown and only two weren't developing one way or another but these are very dark eggs so very difficult to see more then yes, there's something in there.

    According to the calculator they would be due 19th (Friday) but I set them late so I calculated for the we are on the 21st! [​IMG] Glad the grandkids couldn't come for the NO hatching party! Would have been quite the flop! I'm just sick over this! This SO not good!

    Oh, the only thing I did different is setting the Brinsea to work with the new feature of the daily cooling. Could that have delayed the hatch?????? Are they dead???? Why couldn't this happen on my FREE eggs!

    Just went back to see and I didn't have the cool thing turned off. I was thinking it would turn off but never checked so during lockdown they've been getting cooled each day for hour! Please just say all this has delayed the hatch not destroyed it! [​IMG]
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    Aug 30, 2010
    Magnolia, TX
    I thought I have read that Marans can take a day or two longer........ Someone with more knowledge will answer soon...[​IMG]
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    Jul 7, 2012
    sonoma county
    yikes, i hope all goes well with the hatch and the marans are just a bit slow!

    over here on sonoma mtn, there are lovely little peeping sounds coming from underneath broody #1 (eleanor, a basque hen) -- today is day 21, so she seems to be on schedule!


    she is sitting on six eggs: four SFHs, one SFH/CL cross (from my own birds), and one lone birchen marans -- so will be interesting to see if the marans takes long to hatch?

    i am a little concerned both with a) how the other three broodies will react (two of which are sitting on nests right next to hers), b) whether she will try to continue to sit on the other broodies' eggs once hers have hatched, and/or c) how the rest of the flock will react to the chicks -- but can only take it as it comes and see what happens!

    very excited! this is my first hatching ever!
  9. juststruttin

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    Aug 9, 2010
    Holy Moly, this thread moves fast. I let myself get behind in this forum so I had to jump through about 200+ posts. Sorry. I will try to go back to catch up.

    My new Dickey incubator is a champ. I have been getting 100% development and great hatch rates on most of the eggs I set, including shipped eggs!! Has anyone else notices how much better hatch rates from shipped eggs are this time of year!!! I guess the eggs do not have to contend with extreme temperatures.

    As a result of the good hatch rates, I have lots of chicks available. I just posted an ad on BYC in case anyone is looking for chicks. Here is the link:
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    Dec 20, 2012
    Gold Country, CA
    I was thinking of the last line saying enter the property. Maybe need a lawyer to define property. Is it just the dwelling or the land you are renting also?

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