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    [​IMG]chick number 1
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    [​IMG] chick number 2. Same mama. Bantam blrw
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    Laura (and everyone with new babies!), my quote button's not working, but wanted to say congratulations! [​IMG] Adorable chicks and good mama. Can't wait to see the rest!
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    One of the Cream Legbar X Crele Pene pullets laid their first egg yesterday!


    The one on the right may have been the one!


    Probably not the Barinie OE but maybe one of the two in front!

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    The video is ready!

    Australorps and Black Penes:
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    [​IMG] Congrats!! Such a pretty egg!!
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    All my easter egger chicks come out like that, none look like boys. don't know enough about genetics to tell you why, however! But they are sexable much sooner then other chickens so I'm still happy with the crele coloring. But the ee hens have the same breast coloring gene if I follow the discussions right, so the get the same patterning gene from both parents so it will follow ( salmon on chest = girl, gold on top = boy) I don't know if SFH are similar patterns, ( iirc they call it wild type, like they do for quail?) I SOO excited to follow your chicks and see!!!
    I'd move them now. your broodie will move with no trouble now that she has chicks. can you get a towel under her and move her and the eggs at the same time?

    And for those of you who don't know yet, baby quail sunbathing under the heat lamp are the CUTEST things.

    So, I have noticed something mildly disturbing about my breese chicks. They don't quite understand the mother thing. I put them under silver, my broodie icelandic, and they are not going under her when they a re cold. Mario rescued one this morning, i just found another chilled baby this afternoon. one is still there, I'm going to keep a close eye out on it and see what happens.

    The one I brought up looks like it got something stuck to its eye while hatching and does not have a full eyelid. My cat that died this year was the same ( neither eyelid closed and she had to have 4 surgeries so she didn't go blind) so I'm naming it Lhasa. Seems fine except for the funky eye. I wonder if they make chicken eye drops?
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    Hmmm, they do have feathered legs like a Marans. You would be surprised what a rooster can do, and what a hen will let him do! [​IMG] I shudder every time I see my bantam buff Brahma rooster breed my tiny d'Anver pullet who is a quarter of his size[​IMG] The dark chick is colored like my brown EE chicks and they feathered in brown partridge with black heads. The light has dark legs like a Marans. It looks sort of lavender colored like some of my LF splash Wyandotte chicks. They are cute little guys [​IMG] It will be interesting to see what color and size they turn out to be. [​IMG]

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