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    Yes, EEs can look like chipmunks! If you look closely, the EEs should have the beginnings of muffs.
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    Way out of my quail league..... would the eggs fit in a chicken egg turner? I sort of like the smaller eggs, and haven't yet thought about using them for meat. I just have a hard time snuffing the life out of something. Even a bug.... [​IMG]When you get them you will have to share pictures. I want to see what all your excitement is about. [​IMG]
    Well I didn't think my bator sucked, but I am maybe reevaluating that. I think maybe I suck more than it. I just wasn't monitoring it the way I should. I became complacent in thinking the temp gauge was still reading accurately.

    I am going to lock it down tonight and candle everything. I had one blood ring with veins a while back and I do think that it gave up, so I will be down to 36. The shipped ones are still weird. If I didn't bake them we will know in the next couple of days.

    Dickey's went out of style in the 70's Ron! [​IMG] (thank goodness)

    WHOOOOooo Hooooooo! How many eggs did you set total? I can't remember. What day was that? 20 or 21?

    [​IMG] I noticed that after they started to lay eggs, or right before that actually they calmed down a bit.

    Moles, Voles, Gophers, Ground Squirrels and Bugs Bunny.

    What a GOOOooood Kitty. He is invaluable if he is really that good of a rodent getter.

    Good luck......Maybe chick 1 was just a little tired???
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    I have a friend that is trying to differentiate between ee's and speckled sussexs too! Sneaky chicks!

    My ee's look more like generic chicks then other birds I hatch is shape, but I have fairly unique ee's. You are looking for the green legs.

    My EE girls are also champion layers. Most hatchery chickens have a little leghorn in them, so they lay better for the first year or 2 then some other chickens. I got extremely lucky in my 2 girls who look to be double blue gened ee's one looks like a amerauacana, one not so much. Not all EE's have double blues, this is why you get other colors from some parents.

    This leads me onto the research I have been doing on developing a true genetic OE....
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    Tommysgirl, hopefully your EE will have the start of a Pea comb. The rocks and SS will be singles, might help IDing them.
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    What a beautiful Cat.. ;)
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    The problem I see with Or's is the same as a lot of ee's . Since blue is dominant, you get a lot of chicks that have only a single blue gene. In fact, ALL of your f1 crosses will be single. to get a OE that reproduces faithfully, you need to get double blue chicks.

    I am thinking of crossing back the f2 peacomed roo to blue egg layers will give you 50% chicks with the double blue gene. But the only way to truly know is genetic testing . Otherwise you will have the constant problem of brown only eggs cropping up in the line. And it will never go away because you wont be taking out the single blues from your OE lines.

    I know they sex test birds genetically, and because they are used for growing vaccines, a fair bit is known about there genome. But I don't know if you could get that point tested or if it would be economically viable if you did. Anyone know much about that part of the industry? I'm sitting on a returned f2 rooster that is just beautiful, and wondering if it is worth trying to go forward with this experiment or not...
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    I'm setting Polish in the next couple of days and I get white with a little bit of splash. I'm actually trying for more splash but so far they look like this, all the ones from her look just like her.

    Love a big fat Orp! Congrats! My broodies will probably kick in when I've filled all the chicks orders with incubated chicks and then I'll have a bunch of extras....darn!
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    Thank you Ali and everyone else who is sharing my excitement.

    Ali I set 36...13 home grown, 12 from ChooksChick and 11 from BethBug

    I put 17 into lockdown, 11 I was pretty sure had something going on and 6 questionable....of the 11, 5 were home grown, 5 were from Chooks Chick and 1 was from BethBug. So far the Bethbug egg has hatched...Baby #2, and Baby #1 out of a home grown egg. I have pips in a home grown and zips in two of the ChooksChick eggs...I think they are both Chocolate Rocks, one of her projects. All of the action is in the eggs I felt confident were viable.

    The dorking mix baby is sitting on top of the two zipped eggs but she is such a pipsqueak it is unlikely to make a difference.

    My hatchery birds look ginormous and mature by comparison. When will the incubabies get fluffy? I feel like giving them a comb out :)

    Now I have to go clean my house so that I don't sit up here obsessing.

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    I'm pretty sure she'd be thrilled with them and will show her the picture of the hen today. Would she be able to buy a few of the Polish chicks from you and how much per chick? She is just looking for pet chickens and enjoys them the more unique and unusual they are. So far she has a couple of sizzles, silkies and Americana's.

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