Call Ducklings Enjoying a Swim | Color ID Help?


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The babies are loving this weather and their little pool! They are 33 days old (4 weeks 5 days) today and they hatched on May 21st.

Okay so I'm not going in completely blind. Each egg came marked with which pen it was from and the seller claimed she keeps her birds separated by color.

One is hard to understand but this was the label: Blue Fawn/Pastel/Grey Call

This duckie should be self-explanatory: Penciled Call

Pastel Call

Snowy Call

I feel like this one is the largest and also the friendliest one of the 5: Australian Spotted Bantam


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Blue Fawn/Pastel/Grey is kinda like blue/black/splash in chickens if you know anything about breeding chickens. Grey has zero blue genes, blue fawn has one (from one parent only) and pastel has two (one from each parent), so the seller has at least greys and pastels to mix for multiple color possibilities.

Upper right is a Pastel
Upper center is Penciled
Lower left is Blue Fawn
Lower center is your Australian Spotted, if you had one egg labeled that way.
Upper left looks like it may be snowy, or could be grey.
Here are adult reference pics


Thank yoy so mych for all your help and all of that information! I'm saving those images for sure! Do you happen to know what age I'll start to see their mature colors?
It kinda varies, they will all look more like the female plumage to start, then the males go through more of a pronounced change into their full nuptial plumage. I think it usually takes 10-12 weeks before you’ll see drake colors. Females will get a loud quack at about 6-8 weeks and you will know they are female. Males always make a raspy peeping sound.

Also usually once a year, they will molt into what’s called “eclipse” plumage, where they lose much of their color and fade back to their juvenile colors. It’s more obvious in the brighter colored varieties, and less so in the solid patterns.

All of my adult males are in that process right now.
Here’s my pastel drake, before, during, and now. It takes a month or two to complete the whole process.


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