Camera in the coop? Where do I begin looking?


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May 16, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
I'm thinking of adding a camera in the new coop, but I have no power installed there so I'm hoping there's such thing as a wireless, battery operated camera that I can view the images from it live on my computer.

If there is such a thing, can someone post me a pic or link so I can figure out what search terms to use to find a local listing for one? I'e tried nanny cams etc but my searches are only showing ones that plug in.
I know there are options on ebay that are pretty affordable, I've been looking for the same thing!
Do you know what they're actually called? I've tried looking under wireless webcam or nanny cam but that's too broad a search term and I'm getting all sorts of unsuitable ones coming up in the list.
Unfortunately, the "wireless" term usually refers to the images (and sometimes audio) being sent "over the air" to your monitor, not wireless POWER.

I have a four camera setup with the power cable to each camera is 60 feet long, so maybe something like that might do if your coop is within 50 feet or so.
After doing a little research, you might be better off using a car battery (which you'll have to charge every month or so) and a power inverter. All the battery powered wi-fi cameras I came across are very expensive.
No but I have a small TV here I could plug the receiver into. Certainly cheaper than the IP ones.

Our coop is 130 ft from the house, and we can't easily put underground cables because of all the tree roots.
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1. You want a wireless connection back to your computer.

2. You want a camera that is battery operated.

Then use a 12 volt car battery with a solar charge for you power source?

If you can live without the camera being viewed on you computer, this looks like it has possibilities: <Baby Monitor>

Camera has IR for night vision, room (coop) temperature with 200 meter range. Specs don't say, I'm guessing camera runs on either 9 VDC or 12VDC. Converting to car battery with solar would be easy.
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