Can a grown chicken still recover from wry neck?


Mar 7, 2017
Hello. I was wondering if my 1 year old silkie still has a chance for recovering from wry neck. When she was a chick, I had given her the special vitamins and medicine for it. It didn't work and I gave up after a month.

Thank You
Wry neck can crop up at any time. It signifies a condition that can affect motor function and can have genetic causes as well as pathological. It's all treated by administering vitamin E 400iu and selenium and B vitamins. The chicken usually responds well to this therapy and recovers from the symptoms, but it won't change the underlying cause and symptoms can recur.
Wry neck or torticolis is just a neurological symptom, not a disease. It can be a result of heredity, head or neck injury, vitamin E or thiamine deficiency (especially in young chicks or when there is old feed,) and it is a symptom in certain diseases, such as Mareks disease, lymphoid leukosis, and many respiratory diseases. Since it has persisted so long, I would suspect the chick may have a hereditary tendency to wry neck. If you should lose the chicken, it is a good idea to get a necropsy to look for a cause of death. I would still try the vitamins, including E, B 1 (thiamine) and give some chopped egg, tuna, or sunflower kernels for selenium to help utilation of vitamin E.
A few years ago on BYC seemed like everyone was having wry neck in a bird or two. In some cases the vet thought it was from swelling on the brain & treated with prednisone per his instructions.

Do you think this bird might have that?
Silkies are prone to get it - ones with vaulted skulls are more likely to have opening where the skull didn't completely close over. A peck or bump can cause problems.

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