Can anyone tell me the animal by a poop picture?? Pic attached

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  1. Jamity46

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    Mar 30, 2018
    So I just went out to the coop to check on the girls (I’m in a suburb northwest of Chicago and it’s freezing here) and found animal poop in their food. They are all ok but curious if you know what animal so I can figure out how to better predator proof the coop. Not sure where the animal is getting in but obviously somehow! I thought a mouse but looks too big to be mouse poop! :barnie

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  2. mamajos

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    Jun 2, 2016
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    Maybe squirrel?
    From web: SQUIRREL POOP DESCRIPTION: Oblong pellets, usually about 3/8 inch long and 1/8 inch in diameter, rounded tips and slightly bulging in the center. with some size variance. Fresh ones are dark brown, but they get lighter with age. Looks very similar to rat, only a little bit fatter, and a little more likely to grow lighter with time.
  3. Jamity46

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    Mar 30, 2018
    Thanks for the information!!! Now I just gotta figure out where they’re getting in!
  4. Sure looks like rat poop to approximate guess to the size of rat poop is 1/2 to 3/4" long by about 1/4" diameter. Rats can naw through most any container except metal. I find that the typical galvanized metal garbage cans if lidded will keep them out. They have nawed their way into my 50 gallon plastic drums with large screw on lids much to my dismay as they cost me $35 to purchase.
    Thanks and best of luck to you and your foul,
    Greg from Smartsville, Calif.
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  5. Howard E

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    Feb 18, 2016
    X2 on the rats.

    Several recent threads re: rats and what to do next.


    Sanitation....(eliminate harborage and access to feed of all your feeders and in storage.....metal is your friend)
    Exclusion.....rat proof your coop......metal is your friend

    And in that order and lastly, if those two fail to get them to move elsewhere........

    Elimination.....forget trapping. This means use of poison bait blocks from secure bait stations.
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    My guess would be rats. My computer recently died and I lost some of my pictures. I have put cameras in my coops and did have a rat infested coop that I renovated. This is what I used. I only found a couple of dead rats that I disposed of. The others I believe went into their tunnels I noticed around the coops. There is a a little window above the bait in my rat bait boxes that only the rats and mice can get to that can be checked often and replaced as needed. The bait that came with the bait box didn't work all that well for me so I bought other bait that worked well. I had to replace the baits less and less until there came a point of hardly ever changing them. We are rural. I think rats will show up sooner or later. We have some hawks around that sit in trees nearby and prey on field mice now and then. This is the bait stations I use but there are several other designs.
    A better deal.
    This is what I bought.
    RatBait.jpg RatBaitStationRev.jpg
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  7. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Was it in their feeder or where you store the feed?
    Get a rat trap and put it under a milk crate that the bird's can't get into.
    Could be rats...or squirrels..or chipmunks...but probably rats.
    And/or set up a game cam to find out that way.
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  8. HomesteaderWife

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    Apr 24, 2015
    Looks very similar to squirrel droppings. They'll often times sneak their way in with chickens and get into their feed
  9. Pigpye

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    Nov 8, 2019
    I have a pet squirrel that indeed is the poo of a rat

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