Can bumble leave?

May 25, 2020
Hello everybody I have some questions about bumble foot. Two of my ducks have it, and they’ve had it for a while. In a attempt to get rid of it we tried to peel off the scab and put ointment in it. We kept it bandaged but the bumble scab came back and that was a month and a half ago. My question is, Can bumble foot leave on its own? We have no Avian vet near us and am not sure what to do? I know if you leave it the staph can cause serious problems, But a friend of mine did and the bumble foot cleared up on its own. Thanks


6 Years
Sep 28, 2015
I meant alone. You have to cut the foot to get it out and I didn’t want to do that
In my experience, it is unlikely to just dissappear on its own. A combination of things went wrong to cause the infection and unless enough of those factors are addressed then it's not going away.

When I have had to deal with bumble I generally soak the ducks foot for as long as we both can tolerate it and then disinfect it with alcohol in a spray bottle. With tissues and cotton balls at the ready, I pick at the edges until the scab comes away and then squeezed out all the puss and the kernel. I then spray it again with alcohol, apply neosporin (mine comes for the dollar store so I don't feel guilty liberally applying it here) and then I release my duck into a clean area outside. I've treated 3 different ducks for it with no relapse and had one duck that could not be caught and treated until he was too weak and the infection had spread and he couldn't be saved.


Jul 14, 2021
Molalla, Oregon
Yes pictures would be helpful, I’ve cured many bumble foots without cutting it open. Soaking in Epsom, put some Vaseline and then wrap it with vet wrap and/or gauze. Do it every 2-3 days and it comes out in 1-2 weeks!

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