Can ducklings/ducks have sweet peas?


Jun 20, 2021
I bought some frozen peas for my ducklings, but it says sweet peas on the package. Can they have sweet peas? I read on here somewhere that sweet peas are toxic for ducks. The thing is, they’re the only kind of frozen peas that I can find at the grocery stores. I don’t wanna give them canned or salted peas.
Sweet peas are fine. They not sugared. Depending on the age of your ducklings, I would purée them with a little water if they younger than 3 weeks of age. My ducks love peas, and most people here would agree. Peas are also relatively high in niacin, which is beneficial for ducks.
I give my ducks frozen peas when it is hot, they love them! The only peas in the frozen food section will be sweet peas. The alternative are field peas, grown for feed, that you might get in a bag dry at the feed store. Ducks do not like those, even though I wish they did since they are cheap! Not even my chickens would eat those . . . I had to wet them with hot water, soak them, add other stuff to disguise the flavor, and still the chickens would leave any recognizable pea! They make good fertilizer for the Iris, though.

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