Can it hatch chicken eggs? (An incubator)

Will the incubator hatch eggs?

  • Yes it will! (Good luck with the hatching!)

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • No it won't (Sadly, there won't be anything hatching)

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In the Brooder
Dec 9, 2016
Hello anyone who is reading this I would like to ask something. I have a incubator but it's one of those cheap kind. It has a capacity of 7 eggs. But the thing is, I left it on for 21 days to test it and it did pretty well, I didn't trust the built in temperature meter so I put one in. My results were that it kept the temperature super well, and never temperature spikes either. The humidity was very contained too. There is also a built in fan inside too. I bought it for $20 and I am planning to incubate eggs. My question is, will it hatch anything? There is a poll so after reading this, please vote!

Mace Gill

May 26, 2017
New Jersey
When I was a kid we started our first chickens with a cheap incubator and a few fertilized eggs from a neighbor. And we got baby chicks! Now, several decades later, I have to believe cheap incubators today are better than the cheap incubators of the 70's.

So why the heck not? :) can't say HOW successful, but I'd reckon you'd get SOMETHING hatched!

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