Can you feed chickens uncooked rice?


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
Aiken, SC
My chickens love rice. I have a big bag of brown rice that has been in the cupboard too long. My husband says I should just throw it out to them like scratch, but I have always given them rice cooked. Should I cook it? It's a lot of rice.
Immediately brought to mind the whole 'don't throw rice at weddings it'll kill the birds' thing.

Donno if that's applicable or not, but no way would I try it without knowing. Might be really bad. Might only be bad in large quantities but a little is okay. Or might be totally okay. But I'm a chicken and would wait until I knew for sure.
I would just cook it up and give it to them as a treat (not the whole bag at a time unless you have a lot of chickens). You could even freeze the leftovers and pull them out as needed. Mine get leftover cooked rice all the time.
This is what I do in the winter time. I pull out what too old in the cubbard and cook up a mess and give to the chickens.
Any leftovers from the fridge I add in and they love it. Have to let it cool first though.

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