Cant get the humidity up high enough to put eggs in.


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Mar 8, 2009
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i had a smaller pan with a sponge in it, and the temp was just a hair below 40. i put in a larger pan with more water and some sponges in it. it's been about a half our and no improvement. i've covered up some vent holes to see if it may help. but other than that i don't know what to do! any suggestions?

i need some help! i was hoping to put the eggs in tonight!
Did you try multiple pans of water eatch with a sponge in it start with 2 maybe with warm water then add extra sponges out side of the pans one at a time till its high enough? Im new so this is just a thought, how high is the humidity ? what are you hatching , if its chickens it only needs to be about 40-45 in the begining. Oh and maybe dont cover all the vents eggs need air exchange.
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What kind of incubator are you using, and is it still air or forced air? If chicken eggs, the humidity can range 35-45% for the first 18 days. What is your temperature?
im not exactly sure i just know humidity goes off of the surface area not how deep the water is but if you do set let me know as i set mine today and maybe more tomorrow so we can be hatching buddies
Everyone has to find what humidity works for them in their area, but for the first 18 days I keep the humidity at about 35 so I'd think you'd be good to go where yours is running.
i have some sort or large round metal incubator. it WAS a still air but i rigged a computer fan into it. what id the humidity % for button quail eggs? is it the same as chickens?

here are some pics of my incubator taken yesterday:




i have since put in the hydrometer and a MUCH better thermometer. AND THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE SUGGESTIONS! it really helps! i've put some warm wet rags and sponges around the edges.
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