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Well, hubby got the pink by one, the companies contracted by CAT and CAT themselves are cutting back 25,000 jobs globe wide. He had this job for two years and he enjoyed it and the good health benefits.

We lived the good life for that time and now time for us to go back where we originally did. I hate to give up my health insurance but no way we can afford COBRA so we will have to go back on Medicaid once again and our primary doctor does not accept Medicaid patients. We are in family counseling which it is not payable under the Medicaid so that would affect the family dynamics and I don't know if Medicaid will pay for daughters ADD medications (they rejected earlier and it was tough paying over 140 dollars for a 30 day supply of meds). Glad daughter is not in school, private school right now for the summer.

CAT is having a ripple effect across the Illinois state......we will survive!
Ive worked at walmart north for over ten the last 6 months 5 friends of mine all left walmart for catipilar or catipilar contracted companies...they all told me I needed to come put to cat for the pay/benefits but noone seems to see the recurring pattern of catipilar....hire thousands of people just to lay thousand of people 6 months later....ive jeard to many stories of lives ruined by the wonderfull employer that is much did that union really help? Looks to me everyone is wasting money on union due for little to no help in savimg jons!

G&D Integrated is the one is laying off their employees in sections. Got the letter and they said ONLY 88 people will be transferred to CAT. From what hubby told me, CAT employees do NOT get benefits, they just get paid and after five years of working there, they will get benefits. Isn't that fair?

Had one WAND newslady contacting me for more information and I texted hubby. He texted back and said the company specifically TOLD all the employees NOT to talk to news medias. Must be a gag order going on. This reporter could not get the company to respond. I told her to call the Human Resources out in Peoria. So she will go and find her story for the news. Heck, Peoria Journal Star newspaper had it all broadcasted all over the county and I can not figure out why they want to be "mum" about it, makes no sense because the news did say that it is all over Illinois. He didn't get the pink slip when I asked him but all the employees were handed out the newsletter brochure of what will happen, why they will be let go, what happens to our benefits, etc.
And I was HOPING hubby will get the transfer to CAT but now I'm not so sure because if he gets laid off, it would give us a double whammy!

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