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    I have no-one in real life who is interested in hearing endless chook tales, so I thought I could post them here :)

    I have 5 hens and 7 chicks. The hens are Chickpea, Erma, Julia, Priscilla, and (unnamed so far) Mama Hen.

    Chickpea is the only chook I have that appears to be an actual breed, a Cochin Bantam.

    I named her Chickpea because her body shape is exactly that of a Garbanzo Bean.
    Despite her slight appearance, she's definitely the boss of the hens, and can get quite feisty if there are sunflower seeds or bread around. She's also the only hen that lets me pick her up to sit on my lap.

    Anyway, today I discovered Chickpea's Secret Fear: Cold Spaghetti. I was tossing some out to the girls for breakfast, and laughing at the chicks squawking around with it. Chickpea finally waddled over to see and was HORRIFIED. She jumped away, BA-GAAWK! So I tossed a strand by her feet. She flew off, which I've never seen her do before. Her roost is only 4 inches off the ground because shes so vertically challenged. I had to come inside and find her something else for breakfast.

    I don't know if she thought it was a snake or she's just had a bad pasta experience (she loves macaroni and spiral pasta though?!). But I'm ashamed to say it took me a while to stop laughing.

    More soon.

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    That's so funny! Meet my Chickpea:


    She's not quite as fluffy as yours :lol:
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    Ohhhh so cute!
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    [​IMG] Now that's funny! Most of the time, the just love spaghetti noodles! Thanks for the cute story. [​IMG]
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    ERMA: Erma is named after an Internet meme. Her name is short for ERMAHGERD! Erma is intense about everything. And she gives a constant running commentary on her goings on.
    If you're handfeeding her some barley, she's manically pecking through your hand. She doesn't walk out of the coop in the morning. She screams out like a tiny velociraptor. Erma doesn't like bread. She is deeply in love with it, and will tell you all about it. She doesn't dustbathe. She violently smashes up the hard clay and writhes around in it like she's having a fit.


    The other chooks just leave her to it :)

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