Chick-chicks are here!


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Jun 24, 2014
South-central Virginia
Yay! After almost a year of planning, I picked up 14 birds last week: 6 Easter Eggers, 4 Dominiques, 2 Welsummers, and 2 New Hampshire Reds (the Welsummers and Reds were impulse buys when I picked up my preordered chicks at the store). They are full of personality! The Welsummers names are Diamondback and Cottonmouth, already shortened to Diamond and Cotton (husband and daughter named 'em, LOL). The Eggers, except for Oddball and Blondie, haven't distinguished themselves enough yet. The Dominiques are Baldilocks (large patch of white on her head), Trouble (because she's always starting it), and Thing1 and Thing2.

The Reds are showing LOTS of personality! Sweetie (pic below) was the first bird to hop up on my hand and want snuggles (Baldilocks is also a snuggle bird, and Diamond and Cotton are VERY interested on perching on me, but are still a little shy), and her sister, Honey, is soooooooooo frustrated! She wants to perch up high on Mommy, too, but ooooooooooo doesn't want to be picked up!!!!! Instead, today she learned she can pop up on the waterer - and I'm throwing together a cover tomorrow! - but after I've put Sweetie back down, Honey will run over to her sister and peck and flutter at her as if to say, "You B*TCH! I want to do that!!!!" I find it very funny ;-)

- yay for new arrivals! Sounds like you have a fabulous little flock in the making there!!

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