Chick eye injury please help!

Alex Jimenez

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Jan 26, 2018
Hello all!

I was experimenting letting my Broody hen raise a chick she hatched and she was doing a great job the whole first day, very protective from the other chickens. However the other chickens must have caught her off guard at some point because I found the 3 day old chick with a huge wound under its right eye. I have separated it into a brooder tote with some food and water and I flushed the wound with saline an applied triple antibiotic ointment, but the chicks still isn't eating or drinking on its own. It's not even opening its eyes because of the wound I think. I can get it to drink by bringing the water up to its beak but I can't do the same thing with the food. The chick hasn't eaten since I found him about 16 hours ago, what should I do? The chick is in good spirits, walking and stretching its wings.

On another note I brought a pipping egg into the brooder as well because the mom had taken the now injured chick walking and I wanted to make sure the pipped egg was warm enough to hatch fully. I'm going to need to separate them once the chick becomes more mobile right? Otherwise the newly hatched chick is going to peck at the injured chick's wound? I'd hate for them to both be alone.


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Blu-kote is a salvation when you have chick injuries you need to treat and protect from the other chicks pecking at them.

An injury on a very new chick saps the chick's reserves and it can be life threatening. This past spring I had a day-old chick that had a toe injury, not very serious appearing, but it caused her not to want to stand and walk or eat. She slipped behind very quickly. Warm sugar water and Nutri-drench revived her. Blu-kote kept the other chicks from pecking at her wounded toe, which eventually fell off, by the way.
Thank you so much for your speedy response! I can't believe I didn't think of sugar water and I will definitely be getting the blue coat as soon as possible. Thank you so much again for most certainly saving this chicks life!

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