Chick has what looks like a tumor on its neck!!


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Mar 31, 2018
We just got some new chick and one was lying with its head almost underneath its body and not moving around when the other chicks would bump into it. When I picked it up, it buried its head so far into my hand that it flipped over. The next day we noticed a soft, mushy spot on the right side of its neck. We thought maybe the other chicks had pecked at it. Today it is much bigger and not as mushy. It looks almost like it has a tumor on its chest. We tried to separate it from the other chicks, but this poor thing is having none of it. We are new to raising chickens so I have never seen anything like this. It will get up and walk around normally, but sometimes will tuck its head then goes in circles and flips over. I don't know what to do for it or with it. It is eating and drinking just fine, and doesn't seem to have any other issues. Any information about what it might be or suggestions on how to take care of it are welcome.


Mar 29, 2018
Could it be an infection? A cyst? does it feel like a bubble and could pop if you squeeze hard enough? i've never heard of this but maybe it could be a tumor if it is having those weird behaviors.


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The "tumor on the right side of the chest" is what many new chick caregivers refer to the crop. On some baby chicks, it is so large, the crop does indeed resemble a huge tumor. The mention that it changed in consistency overnight lends further weight to this "tumor" actually being the chick's crop.

The turning, tucking, and flipping behavior is consistent with wry neck. Some baby chicks, probably due to genetics or a glitch in hatching develop a vitamin deficiency that affects motor function. It's easily corrected with vitamin E oil 400iu and a sliver of selenium once a day until symptoms disappear. For good measure, B complex can also be given to further assist is restoring normal motor function.

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