Chick hurt by dog needs help

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    Ok from the dog attack this morning one of my 5 week old chicks which I noticed was fluffed up. Upon checking it over it doesn't appear to have teeth marks but, it appears to be really bruised up/purple on it's thigh and it's stomach behind the thigh and very swollen. (maybe throw around) Is there anything that can be done? It is walking although it appears to walk kinda wide legged like it is in pain. I will post some photos if someone needs to see.

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    The poor baby. I would isolate it and give it extra warmth and vitamins. If it seems lonely, I would put a small stuffed animal with it or another chick (if you have a very mellow one). Good luck. We lost a silkie chick to my daughter's dog earlier this year. The bathroom door was left open and the dog ran in and grabbed Baby Napolean right out of the brooder. Napolean died in my hands,and I cried for hours. I hope yours makes it. Good luck.

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