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May 26, 2020
so a couple days ago, i saw my Silkie Chick (her names Debbie) had a peck wound or a wound on her back. I have been watching it and it was doing good until it split open again. Its crusty and i think there might be maggots in there. im going to flush it with warm water today,but what other steps should i do?
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Can you post some photos?

If you are seeing maggot, then flush the wound really well - you may need to pick the maggots out with tweezers too. If possible, use Chlorhexidine (Hibiclens) or Betadine to clean out the wound. If you don't have those, then use warm soapy water and rinse well.
If you need to, trim the feathers away from the wound so you can see it better.

Dry her well after you are done - you can use a hair dryer - you don't want her chilled.

How old is your chick? Hopefully she's not lethargic - keep her drinking and see if she will eat for you.

You may need to keep her inside or in a place where flies can't get into the wound until she heals up.
she is i think 6 weeks old, i just got back from flushing her wound, i dried it off with a towel but ill go dry it out more.
i did not see any maggots, but they could be hiding, Debbie and her sister are currently living in our garage, i put them outside because they are supposed to be outside, then the next day i saw that Debbie had opened her wound, so now she is back inside with her sister
i can send a pic

So we put peck no more lotion on it, because it was her sister that was making it worse, i have been flushing it out with warm water every night, anything else i should do?

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