Chick with leg issue


In the Brooder
8 Years
Nov 23, 2011

This chick has a leg wound or something just above the ankle joint. But what's strange is that it's leg can turn around backwards.

Does anyone know what this is or if anything can be done for it?
is the leg broken? for it to be able to turn around backwards it sounds seriously hurt. is there any way you can put the leg into the correct position then splint it with vet wrap? vet wrap would work quite well its self adhering and would hold the leg into place while still allowing the chicken to walk. this way it can heal correctly while she's still growing. if you don't splint it my fear would be it healing incorrectly. she is young And has a good chance to heal correctly with a splint. if she were mine I'd treat the wound and put the leg in the correct position and apply a vet wrap splint. I do think this will help. best wishes and I hope this is helpful. you can get the vet wrap at the feed store. usually in the equine area. people use it on Horses a lot.its kind of rubbery and sticks to should be stiff enough to do the job without using a stick. best wishes.
Thing is she can walk on it and she's had this since I got her. I just didn't notice till the next day. I would think she wouldn't be able to walk if it was broken. But I could give the vet wrap a try.

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