Chicken acting very weird! Need quick answer!


6 Years
Nov 26, 2013
Hello, I have a buff Orpington Cochin hen who is maybe a year or so old. For the past two weeks or so she has been in a nesting box over in a section of my coop that isn't really used/occupied by the hens. I thought she was broody. Today I went to candle her eggs, but found no eggs under her. So, thinking she was sick or something was wrong, I brought her outside into the barn and examined her. She began to perk up and I couldn't find anything really wrong with her. She had an egg shell that was stuck to her feathers and a big glob of dried poop stuck to her feathers. However she pooped on the floor just fine. I brought her back to the coop and she was eating a lot and scratching in the dirt like normal. I did notice a little bit of exposed skin underneath her crop area on her bottom side. She seems fine now but i have a feeling something is wrong as she has been siting in the same spot for a while with no eggs. Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks!

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