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Oct 30, 2020
The Cubalaya breed derives from Sumatra and Malay birds brought to Cuba from the Philippines in the 1800s, where they were bred as a triple-purpose breed, for meat, eggs and sport. With careful selection and breeding, the Cubalaya was developed as a breed. It was exported to the USA, where the breed standard was first approved in 1935 by the American Poultry Association, with the breed name "Cubalaya" in honor of Cuba, from where the breed originated. They were first exhibited in the US in 1939, at the International Poultry Show in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cubalaya have a very nice white meat, lay an average of 4 to 5 eggs per week during their peak egg-laying season, and serve as a duel purpose breed in Cuba. Within the United States, they are typically kept for ornamental and exhibition purposes.
They have a friendly, curious disposition, are very heat tolerant and make excellent foragers when allowed to free range. The hens are good broodies and mothers.
The breed has been developed in standard and bantam size birds, standard-sized cocks weighing on average 5.3 and hens 3.3lb. Bantam cocks weigh around 1.6lb and hens about 1.3lb.
Three colors were allowed by the original Cuban standard: black, black-breasted red and white, though many others were bred in Cuba at the time. The same three colors are accepted by both the APA and the ABA.

It is the only chicken breed with official recognition from the Asociación Nacional de Avicultura, the Cuban national poultry association.


Breed Purpose: Dual and exhibition
Broodiness: Average
Climate tolerance: All
Egg laying: Medium
Breed Colours/Varieties: The American Poultry Association recognizes Black Breasted Red, White, and Black.
Breed size: Large fowl and Bantam

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i have to disagree with the first post concerning the makeup of the cubalaya breed. Sumatra was not one of the breeds that originally made up the cubalaya, although it has been added to the german lines and at least one line of American cubalaya. cubalayas were a composite breed made up of double tailed phillipino gamefowl, pea combed malays, oriental gamefowl, spanish gamefowl , and European dual purpose large fowl. the Cuban breeders choosing birds with long downward dropping tails , fierce faces , multi spurs, gourmet meat, egg laying, and tameness. they were called malayas, or malayas esanos, or malayas pavos, or malayas cola de camaron or shrimp tailed malays; later called cubalayas. the standard colors being black breasted red(wheaton), white, and black. the black variety being almost extinct. i have black hens but the males carry red and white in the hackles and tails. other colors that cubalayas come in are: silver duckwing, gold duckwing, red pyle, lemon pyle, brown red, blue, blue red, birchen, and ginger. their egg color can vary from white, to pale brown, to brown. they lay a good amount of medium sized eggs and the hens are productive even when they are older. while the legs and thighs are rather small, the breasts are good sized and the taste is very good. these birds can forage a lot of their own food. in my honest opinion, they are the best breed of chicken on the face of the earth but that is just me. they look good in your yard and are vigorous and healthy


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