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    I have a feeder hanging by 2 wires thats twisted together. When I did chores today, I saw a hen with a toe caught in one of the spaces of the twisted wire. I thought she was dead, but she wasn't. I freed her and she can't walk on the leg. I put her in a next box to keep her away from the other birds. I don't know what to do about her. Any suggestions?
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    I had the same thing happen.......a young rooster got his foot caught up in one of those hanging metal feeders. Total freak accident. Once I got him removed he couldn't walk either. I put him in a brooder in the garage by himself for a few days........he slowly improved and was back to normal in week or two.

    You need to isolate her somewhere she can rest for a few days at least.
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    My Welsummer hen got herself caught on by her toe on the corner of a cage. She could not walk for a couple of hours and slowly limping around and she is fine now. All she had to show for is her broken toe.
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    Give her a little time to recover, which she very well may. With that mechanism, she may have sprained some ligaments and could fully recover, but won't want to walk for a few hours to a few days. She might also have dislocated a joint, which you could diagnose by feeling along the bones to the joints and feeling whether it seemed popped out of place. You might be able to pop it back in with a little traction and manipulating, though she won't like it. But if you can't identify that, just keep her safe for a few days and I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't start walking around a little. They are amazingly sturdy little beings. And fix the wire hanger (obviously) so that can't happen again [​IMG]
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    Depending upon how much she flapped around and possibly strained ligaments and muscles it may take from several hours to several days for her to recover. A worse case scenario takes place if such a situation happens in the winter. She should be fine.
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    Rest and time. [​IMG]

    This is not as much of a freak accident as you might think. [​IMG]

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