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10 Years
Jun 2, 2011
Hi Everyone! We just purchased 9 baby chicks a week ago to start our backyard flock. the farmer told us they were about a week old. I think they might be older, but then again, I am new at this so I have no idea. They have quite a few feathers except their heads are still fuzzy. when do you think I can move them outside? Also- is there any way to tell roosters from hens at this age? If I am going to have alot of roosters, I would like to get more chicks now in hopes of having eggs someday and not just make the neighbors mad with the cock a doodle do ing. any help or tips would be greatly appreciated
from the way you discribe the feathering I would say older. Post some til you get to about 10 posts then you vcan add some pictures. With pic we can tell about how old and if old enough tell if roosters or not.
Congratulations on your new babies. They do sound a bit older then two weeks, but in the big picture, even if he was off by a week, it can have a big difference in feathers, but not much else. Enjoy those new babies!

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