Chicken not moving

It's hard to say without further information. How old is she? Are only her legs affected? One side? Whole body? Was this progressive or a sudden onset? And as Sussex said, pictures go along way to help.

There are lots of things that can cause paralysis, so it may take a game of 20 questions to help narrow it down. Botulism, nutritional deficiency, weakness caused by extreme parasite overload, mareks, injury to name just a few. Even being egg bound can cause her not to want to move around. The more specific you can be about what was going on leading up to her not moving will help a lot. She's the only one affected? No signs of weakness?
And what part of the world are you in, it could help the experts figure out an answer.
Death maybe?

Seriously, it may be Marek's and she's reached total paralysis. Lymphoid leucosis can also cause total paralysis. I'm sorry. There is no treatment.

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