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May 14, 2016
My 11 week old California White and Gold Sex Link were raised by my broody Buff Orpington, but now as “teenagers” are pretty independent from their adoptive “mama.”
I clipped their wings to try to cut down on the long distance flights. however this has not stopped white Dolly from flying up into the pear tree to roost at night. The gold Lucy chicken also roosted in the tree for a while but now she is beginning to go into the coop, although not roosting with the rest of the chickens. I’m sure a big part of this is because we have a very aggressive, very much a bully Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock. (I still haven’t successfully stopped her from bullying.)

The big issue is how to get Dolly out of the pear tree at night. The temperatures are start starting to drop to below freezing. I also wonder if she will ever acclimate into the rest of the flock. (Just 4 other chickens. )


Winter is here!
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Small spaces along with bullying will cause this. I suggest you go out just before she starts looking for this tree and get her into the coop. When the others are let in, make sure she has a spot on the bar. You may need to intervene every evening if the aggression is bad enough and your coop/roost bar doesn't have enough space. Good luck and welcome aboard!

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