Chicken sleeping all the time?

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May 7, 2017
Hi im fairly new to the whole chicken scene and I need some help. I recently bought a new hen named Ash and she seems to sleep all day most chickens would move If you got near them but she just lays there. Also she seems to keep one eye closed and I've seen some tiny bugs crawling on It ive cleaned the bugs of but she seems dead set on keeping her eye closed.
I just need to know if this is something I should be worried about
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It certainly sounds as though Ash is not doing well -- there could be a number of issues going on that would cause her to feel poorly. You say you recently got her - how long have you had her? Did you quarantine her or has she already been introduced to your other birds? What type of bugs did you see on her -- mites, lice, or ? When you say you cleaned them off, what process did you use? External parasites can drain a bird fairly seriously if the infestation is severe enough. Also, if she has external parasites it is possible she also has internal parasites - what is her overall body condition (when you pick her up what are you feeling - heavy/light, prominent keel bone, lack of flesh or overly fleshy/full feeling, etc), what are her droppings like, etc. Were you given a reported age when you got her? What is the color and condition of her comb/wattles - are they red and fleshy or shriveled, dry and pale looking? Is there any discharge from her mouth, nostrils, eyes? Are her feathers nice and shiny or dull and tattered?
we've only had ash for about 3 days now and since we bought her with another hen name smoke we didnt initaly think anything was wrong but now weve got her seperated
As for the bugs they seemed to be mites I wiped them away with a warm water rag and that seemed to clear them away I tried to check this morning but Ash wasn't really in the mood to be touched and pecked the crap out of my hand.
She seemed to be fairly heavy and I didn't really feel any bones or anything
Her waddle is a nice red color
When we bought her we were told that she was 1 to 1.5 years old
And no I haven't seen any discharge at all

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