Chicken wheezing, water in crop

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  1. Floofinbird

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    May 4, 2019
    Woke up this morning to go to work and Nugget was breathing hard enough that I could hear it through the open second story window. She's about a year old, Easter egger, and she feels like her regular weight. Still has the energy to try and evade capture, but not enough to actually book it. Eyes are clear, and I see no discharge, but she sounds like she's breathing through a tube of water, and when I picked her up, I could feel that her crop was sloshy and felt almost entirely like liquid.

    Here's a video of the wheezing:

    Right now she's in the chicken proofed upstairs bathroom with some garlic water at just above room temp. I don't want her around the flock like this. Anyone know what it is, and the path of treatment?
  2. BugStalker

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    Feb 2, 2016
    It is hard to know the cause from that. I can think of possible infection by bacteria (antibiotics would help that) fungus (antifungals and probiotics) or internal problems. If it were me, I would give a choice of electrolyte probiotic water, maybe with some iron free children's vitamins. I might also try something fairly harmless for the liver, like a few drops of milk thistle or burdock (not other docks.) Tumeric also seems good for some things like this (think chicken soup for colds.) Some garlic is good free choice raw and dried, as well as in water. (The forms have different benefits.) Goldenseal or echinacea would boost the immune system for a few days, but no longer than that.

    If you don't have a vet, or can't get samples to a lab, it becomes basically choosing a treatment to try. If she doesn't start improving, try something else. It could be a combination of things, so you often end up treating for a lot of things she doesn't have. You don't want to drop a treatment that treats a secondary infection when you find the primary cause.
  3. palolo

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    Jan 21, 2019
    Could she have gotten some of the fluid from her crop into her lungs? If it's fluid she'll need antibiotics because of pneumonia.
  4. blackchisel97

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    Sep 11, 2016
    Had the same (similar issue) yesterday. The day before she lay an egg and looked perfectly normal but next day her wings and tail were down, no interest in food or drink. Crop was empty, nothing hard around the abdomen area. At first she wasn't drinking but gradually swallowed small amount which we put in her beak with syringe. We gave her apple cider, water with garlic and later MMS, which has been adjusted to the body weight.
    She pooped couple times but there were small splashes which looked more like an egg than normal poop. After the night she did improve a bit and this morning was drinking and even ate a bit on her own. I can still hear sort of gurgling sound after each drink but she looks better and tail is up.
    Brought her home for the night to keep an eye.
    I uploaded short YT, where you can hear the sound coming from her respiratory duct -


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