Chicken with a bad eye or infection please help


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Mar 12, 2010
Hello can anyone help me cure him? I found him in a bush with a group of other chickens but he seemed to be the only one infected. So I decided to take him home and try to help the poor thing + prevent the other chickens from getting whatever it is he has. The white stuff in his eye smells horrible and its not soft but rather hard/chunky. I have attempted to remove it with tweezers very carefully and have been able to remove the top half but don't want to attempt to dig deeper and I have a triple eye antibiotic I've been applying and also lemon drops which have always cleared all eye problems but not sure if its working on him. I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me exactly what he has so I can better treat the eye or any suggestions that don't involve a vet. Thank you
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Update: With the help of my partner I was able to pull all the white/yellowish stuff out but not 100% sure if he still has an eye to begin with or if it was pecked out and the eye just rotted he does seem happier and is opening his bad eye so still trying to recuperate him to normal at least even if hes blind from 1 eye. I'll post pictures once he finishes eating. Please let me know if anyone can help :/ really want him to be okay.
Wow.. that looks AWFUL!! Poor baby! I'm so glad you're helping! I am not an expert by any means, but along with the ointment (and I think that's perfect)... I'd be doing warm, wet compresses several times a day followed by a saline flush, then ointment. It does look like the eye is gone doesn't it?? But I think he/she will do just great with one eye! The only additional thing I might do is a 4 day series of penicillin injections. An infection like that could spread to the brain awfully easily. Good luck and good job!
I'm not 100% sure if the eye is completely gone I think I am starting to see it a bit but he def. cannot see a thing out of it. Still not sure if it is an infection as I have never seen anything like this.. I've delt. with eye infections on various of animals including chickens but this was very different. I was like a hard rubbery white thing growing on top of the eye and very thick making his eye seem super swollen. Do they sell penicillin at normal feed stores? Or would it be the same as the antibiotic pill they give chickens with flu like symptoms?
I don't know about the pill.... I had to order my Pen G through the mail. I doubt they carry it at the feedstore. If you can, get the "long lasting" kind. That way it will last longer in the refrigerator and won't expire so fast. How's the eye doing now??

The problem you have outlined appears to be the same problem we have with our rooster. Did your chicken recover? How is his eye now? Did his eyesight ever return?

We are currently administering antibiotics (amoxycillin) and applying Betadine. We are wondering whether we should wait for the eye to expel the pus, or to 'help it along'. Advice please?
Thank you, but our rooster is not exhibiting any other signs of aspergillosis - laboured breathing or being off his food. It simply looks like an infection, very localised. I am keen to know whether anyone else has had this experience, and whether the eye restored itself. He has been this way for a couple of weeks.

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