chickens eating their eggs,


10 Years
May 10, 2012
after trying anything and everything, i have chickens eating eggs, never did it before, shells are hard, they get calcium , oystershells, vitamins, i tried the mustard eggs , fake eggs, etc etc, they have flock block and toys.. SO now im thinking, the mustard egg slowed them down at first , now they like mustard, so i am going to try white vinegar in the egg, mixed with thickener, so it doesn't run out or splash, think it will work? i think sour is better than something super hot..
I don't see where the white vinegar will do any good for that. Remember that we give them apple cider vinegar, so they are used to it.
not when its pure vinager, and i have ten fake eggs in there, they are layena food, with oyster shells free choice and in food, they also get a protein supplement added in . they are never without food.
Not that stupid, soap is vile. Trying raising the protein and if nothing works, build roll a away nest boxes or cull the flock and start over.
maybe have to start over, i can let them free range and survivors might learn something lol
I feel your pain! Just posted here with the same problem.... I'm nearly 70 & have had birds most of my life & this is a first for me! I just expanded my flock & run but I'm ready to throw in the towel at this point...
I just noticed one of my silkieswas eating one of her very first eggs ever. I'm about to move my other girls into that coop. It was literally her 3rd egg. Will the others pick this up? Is there usually a time frame when they START doing this? I'm jar shaking shells I've collected from the geese, ducks and store bought eggs as I'm typing this.

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