Chickens Not laying....Help!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by gagliardisa, Nov 14, 2016.

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    Nov 14, 2016
    Anyone who knows a bit about chickens we could use some advice!

    So my husband built a chicken coop which is like a chicken palace and sizable run. It all started with a baby duck our neighbors gave us which prompted us to get three more ducks so it would have a family. They were living in the chicken coop until we could build their home for them next spring. Our friends wanted to get rid of their chickens so they gave us 6, 1-2 year old, adults and 2 baby chickens. So for about a month they lived with the ducks and we only got one egg. I was letting them free range in the yard and a dog (not mine) got the one chicken so until we put up a fence (which is in the plan) they are forced to stay in the run. Since we live in Montana I thought they might be cold at night because the coop is really that large so I found 10 more chickens someone was trying to get rid of which are all also 1-2 years old thinking this might help. That was about a week ago...still no eggs. The other day one chicken was just dead on the ground (it was a newer one) no sign of blood or anything just looked like it fell over and died.

    They have continuous fresh water and a continuous supply of food. I have attached pictures of the coop and am running out of ideas to make them happier! Any help would be appreciated!







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    Hens older than a year will stop laying and molt during this time of year. Most will resume laying after December under increasing daylight, many of mine don't start until after February. So you shouldn't expect much in egg production for a while. Being moved to a new home is stressful which will also cause a halt in laying, as will weather changes and anything different in their environment. So keeping a routine and disturbances down will help keep them laying.
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    We used to have that same problem, I guess the only solution was that we got new chicks who started laying and then that motivated both of our 3 1/2 yr olds and one of our bantams.

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