chickens taken and injured

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  1. aohare

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    Jan 7, 2016
    Spring Hill
    Last night something tore through the chicken wire on run and coop, took 3 chickens without a trace and killed one more. 2 are also injured.

    The one that was killed had no visible injuries except a broken neck.

    The other injured ones, one is missing a lot of feathers, the other won't open one eye.

    The rooster has no injuries.

    We live in spring Hill FL and I've have numerous opossum issues but I've never seen them remove entire chickens like this.

    Any thoughts on what this may have been?

  2. MoffatChicken

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    Jul 23, 2014
    Sorry to hear about that... i know how that feels [​IMG]

    I have seen a dog and a fox kill my chickens and both grab the chicken by the neck and swing it back an forth until they break the neck, chickens are easy to break their neck. Both leave a large pile of feathers behind because of the swinging back and forth but if it broke through the chicken wire I wouldn't think it was a fox (they are small animals) but maybe a coyote or a dog? depending on your area.

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