Chicks flying up onto Brooderguard


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Jun 10, 2009
Hi I am new to posting on the forum although I have been reading !
My chicks (18 were sent, 15 ordered, all survived) are now almost 2 weeks old.
They are being raised in a heated 10 by 10 shed under a 250watt red light. They are in the flloor on a bed of sawdust (did paper towels for several days). There is carboard beneath that for extra insulation.
The floor itself is plywood.
This morning I saw one of the chicks perched on top of the brooder guard as they scattered when I opened the door.
So now what ? I don;t want them to get stranded outside the Brooder.
There is plenty of room, and I do have places for them to perch within the pen.
Thank you !
from Cape Cod, MA!!

Are you able to cover the brooder area? Are you able to eliminate the brooder set up and let them roam the 10 x 10 area? I think a picture may help me better understand. I have 3 (3 week old) EE's and everytime I take the cover off the container (brooder) they are in, they fly right up to the top and perch there while they can!
Good luck and welcome aboard!
In my experience, at that age, they just want to roam free! I never use fancy broaders, just cardboard boxes with heat lamps, and at about that age, they all start perching on the sides of the box, and then jumping out. Especially because you have so many, you may have to cover the top with chicken wire, or move them to some sort of cage? When mine got restless in their box, I moved them to a metal dog crate for a few days till their coop area seperated from the big girls was ready for them... If those fail, they are old enough to live outside right now too, but may still need a heat lamp if it's chilly... I move mine out at 2 to 3 weeks, because like I said... they grow restless from being confined. Good luck!
The area is a circular enclosure about 5 ft across (diameeter).
I guess I should see if chicken wire could rest on it ?
Or perhaps, as suggested let them free in the coop. It is heated and has a lamp.
Or maybe I should just make the circle bigger ?
Sorry I haven't any photos.
I don't think making the circle bigger will be the answer. They are going to test their wings no matter how big the brooder circle. If there are no older ones in the coop that may peck at them, just let them use the coop. Still use your light, they will go under it for warmth as needed. They are curious and want to stretch their wings and explore:)
One of the most interesting things I have found with chicks is just how curious they are !
My partner made a really nice perch of inside the box so they have been having all sorts of fun on that It is like a playgroun in there. Also I have a couple bricks they sit on. They really seem to relish variety.
It also had heightened my sense of how inhumane factory farming is. They really are entertaining characters.

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