chicks hatched saturday n sunday jfro broody


7 Years
Feb 3, 2014
well finally 4 ...I have 7 little chicks from Saturday n sunday...there were 4 that didn't make it...but we had below freezing last two nites... so 7 live is good....still have about 6 eggs not hatched and I don't think they are gonna...its so different in the attitudes of chicks with mama's...and the other one rooster and 11 hens do not mess with them at they actually took them around in the coop and showed them how to scratch ect.. the two broody hens share equally the babys...the chicks are so active like jumping on the hens backs and getting under them ect...they do not come to humans like when you get them in the mail..they hide behind mama's,, but do come out when I bring the mealworms and mom shows them how to peck em/// cool...later jeff

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