Chicks still not here... Worried


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May 23, 2011
South Western WI
So, I ordered some baby chicks on Sunday from Meyers, they shipped out on Monday afternoon and they are still not here., I was just at the post office and talked to my local postman. All my USPS tracking thing says was that the shipment left Ohio on Monday afternoon... it is wednesday, I was just at the post office and they have nothing. I called Meyers and the lady asked me to call the closest central mail hub from me, they don't open for another hour... because we are a small town they may be sitting at the mail hub. Delivery confirmation states that they would be here today...

Are my chikkies going to be DOA if they go yet another day without water?? They are surely going to be stressed to the MAX is my guess. This is my very first chick order, and my very first chicken experiance, and it is not turning out to be such a good one

Where are my chicks?! I feel like such a liar to my kids, promised them they would be here this morning and they would get to see them before they went off to school... but they were not.
I know its hard, but don't panic. I ordered from McMurray this year. They shipped out on Saturday and I didn't receive them until Monday- all of them were chirping away when I got the box home and opened it up. The chicks can go up to 3 days without food or water. Maybe your delivery person will surprise you and show up ar your door with a box-o-chicks. Good luck- I'm sure they'll be here soon. Sending chickie vibes your way
Continue to track them.

AS SOON AS you get them, immediately give them some water (even with some sugar added).

You can also mix a little of this sugar water with a little of their feed to make it mushy and easier for them to eat.

And keep 'em very warm.

I hope you get your babies soon!

Yep, I am sure they were shipped. The tracking info just says that they were picked up in Mansfield, OH. When I called Meyers, she was rather concerned too, but let me know that they were okay without food or water for up to 72 hours. And they will refund or replace the chicks if any of them are DOA. I would rather not have to call them and tell them I opened a box of dead chicks
I ordered some from MM hatchery in the early spring,...they shipped them out on a Sat. and have never been seen since. MM hatchery was good enough to refund my money plus shipping,... I hope your situation is different. Good luck.
Just called the local hub, the next shipment of priority mail will be coming in at 1:45 today, I will call after that and see if they are there. They said that is actually tomorrow's mail, so lets hope that they are there. If not... I will cry

Up-The-Creek... that is HORRIBLE. Wonder what happened to those chicks? I am sure they will be found in the back corner of some post office when they start to smell... how can someone not know that they are in transport in the first place... they make so darn much noise!?
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I really hope they show up. I am not sure what happened to my chicks I ordered,it was back in March,.....I tend to think maybe someone decided they needed them chicks more than me and took them home with them. I would rather think that somebody stole them as to think something else happened. I felt real bad about it, but what can you do? I did make a new order, but this time I ordered from Mt. Healthy,...they arrived right on time and very happy and healthy. It was not MM hatchery's fault, was USPS,..but Mt. Healthy is much closer to me than MM, that is why I gave them a try. Also the chicks came into a different USPS hub,...I think that made a difference also. JMO though. I hope you get good news when you call about yours.

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