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  1. So this is my first time rearing chicks and I'm so excited! I hope this thread goes as well as Farmyard Bizzaro is going! Lol.
    I received 5 chicks off my cousin and I only know one breed so far and that is a Polish. I hope I get to know more about them and chickens in general soon and can't wait to update every week or so...
    Let me know if you enjoy the updates!
  2. Hi this is my first time with chicks as well!
  3. Awesome! Haha we can help each other along the way!
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    Wow! [​IMG]Are you excited??
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  6. Haha YASS!!!! So exciteddddd!!! Typing this I have the yellow chick on my shoulder the Polish on my lap and the three little black ones are having some breakfast
  7. And it just pooped on my shoulder...
  8. Ha Ha! I'm missing one of my chicks! I only had two!
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  10. Well my chicks have been moved into a small cage into my pullets cage and neither group is very happy. My polish has grown so big I fear it's a rooster and that's not good! I let out my pullets and their rooster and shut the cage door and let out my chicks for a starch and they loved it! Hopping and bouncing around and flapping their wings! I think I'll do that more often now! Can't wait until they have their own cage.
    They even had their first dirt bath and the pullets were NOT happy! They saw an egg and were picking and pecking it for ages in fascination!
    I will post pictures when BYC let's me :sigh
    Anyway that's all!

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