Chinese Button Quail?


Oct 12, 2019
I have 12 of these tiny guys. They were my first quails I kept. They are some of my favourites to raise.

I keep them in pairs and have two cages of just females. I keep them in rabbit hutches and parrot breeding cages which I keep in my pheasant coop to act as a security system as I've had two fly away before. I find they go best in pairs. They go fine outside for me as I live in Australia where it's always hot and they are natives here.

I feed them game bird starter (28% protein) until they're 6-7 weeks old and then game bird finisher (22% protein). As chicks they need their food crushed up but my adult birds cope with pellets fine.

They are very flighty and will boink often (I've lost two to boinking). I have wadding on the ceilings of my cages for this. They don't like to be handled but they can get used to you. Some of mine take treats from my hand. I also have one who is hand raised and absolutely LOVES being held and cries when I put her back.

Hope this is helpful. I will try and post some pictures later.


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I used to keep a couple of button quail in the bottom of my large aviary.... six feet tall. the other birds in there were mostly zebra finches but I also had a pair of Canaries...

I knew nothing of quail so they ate what the finches dropped on the floor. Mostly millet. I wont keep them that way again... This was years before internet by the way.

I am in San Diego mostly warm here but in the winter it does get cold I put in Small nest boxes for them. If they needed to huddle.


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Jan 14, 2017
I have quite many, over 30. I keep some in my house and some in my mud room. They are not the best idea If you want a pet, more so they are just living decorations. They don't like anything, just each other. They are absolutely flighty and will not like to be petted or handle. I have only 2 buttons that will tolerate a quick pet from me, but that's it. They also must be in pairs because once mated, they will exile outcasts. 1 male 1 female and that's it. Can you imagine how many cages I have? Too many to count. I tried a trio once, and the two that were bonded turned on the other and almost ripped her brains out. Thankfully she is alright. Also they are loud when they call out to each other. For being such tiny birds they have a MIGHTY voice. They will also sometimes jump up and slam their heads on the cage lid. For no reason at all. But they are cute and even cuter when they are babies.


Oct 12, 2019
Here are some of my king (button) quails. These are all the different mutations I have.

This is my first king quail I got. Sadly he flew away. He's a silver mutation.

This is my wildtype pair.

These are my cinnamon and red breasted (darth vader) pair. The cinnamon's head was plucked when I got her but her feathers have grown back.

My silver and red breasted pair. The silver is from my first clutch of quails I bred.

Here is my hand raised golden pearl.

This is my cinnamon pearl. She is the sister of my golden pearl.

This is my newest hatch, my white winged pied. Her parents are the cinnamon and red breast, golden pearl and cinnamon pearl are her older sisters. Her mother has a history of rejecting chicks, she rejected golden pearl when she hatched and cinnamon pearl at two and a half weeks old. This is my cinnamon hen's first chick she raised successfully.


Dec 1, 2019
I have always wanted some super tiny birds to raise, and after seeing Chinese Button Quail at a poultry show, I knew that I needed some :love I would have a small flock (2-7) for fun, and would maybe occasionally hatch some of their eggs. I would not plan to show or eat them. I just had a few questions to help me get started.
- Has anyone raised these little guys? Was it a positive or negative experience?
- What food is best for them? How much protein do they need? Does it need to be crumbled?
- How much space do they need? Would a 4 x 4 tractor pen with a small coop attached work?
- Do they need heating or are they cold hardy?
- Has anyone ordered Chinese Button Quail off of Ebay? Which seller? Was it a good hatching rate?
- Are they flighty and skittish like most quail?
Thanks! Very excited :celebrate
Hi, I am a 4-H'er and I breed button quail. I absolutely love them. I'm in Colorado and I would love to hatch some for you if you'd like.
I feed them All flock non-medicated starter and it works great. I would say these guys need about 1/2 square a foot per bird. They do need to be in an environment that is 65-90 degrees F at all times. eBay isn't the best. It's really hard to tell who puts work into their bird story and who has unhealthy parents. Again, I would be able to send you eggs or hatch them for you. They are a little flighty if you don't handle them from an early age but mine act more like parakeets than quail. Hope this helps you


Jan 13, 2019
Ok! Maybe I will PM you to work out the details. Thanks for your insight!
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