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My hens eat ALOT of cat food. There is no way around it. I feed the wild cats around the yard and the hens run straight to it every morning. They actually bypass the bread and chicken food and run straight to the cat food! I guess my question is..."Is it ok to eat the eggs? They have only been laying for a few weeks but I just can't bring myself to eat them....I feed them to the cats:) but I Really want to try them. They look soo good,compaired to the 'regular' eggs I buy. Their yolks are such a deep yellow color. But the kit and kaboodle kinda grosses me out. Please help...I have like 3 dozen eggs and could kill for a wild mushroom omlet right about now. Do you think the cat food will effect the eggs in any way? Thank you for taking the time to read this. All comments welcome (you can call me a d**ba*s if you want LOL I'm new, what do you want:)
i dont see why you couldnt eat the eggs. cat food isnt harmful to humans (although i would seek it out to eat!) but i would think the eggs would be ok to eat.
Cat food is typically higher in protein than chicken feed, and even used to hasten the molting process by some. I cant see (from what I've read) how it could cause any problems with your eggs.
It's OK to eat the eggs.

Gave mine some Friskies indoor delights tonight.

Low quality cat food has many ingredients I wouldn't eat (or even feed to my cat) so it would depend on the cat food (no by products or preservatives is better). It tends to have more protein and minerals than hens should have so it would be best to find a way to keep the marauding hens from eating too much. If its a good quality cat food it would probably be OK for you to eat the eggs.
Welp, that's it. Looks like I'm eating 'store bought' and cats are getting my hens eggs! I'm a super germ a phobe,so all it takes is ONE person to say its not good and I'm out! Its like when I ask "is this lunch meat good?) And they say "smell it"...If I have to smell something to know if its good or not.....In the compost it goes! Thanks all. Kinda bummed,but I just can't...
I personally would eat the eggs and feed them to my family. There's nothing wrong with them unless there has been a recall from the maker of the product. I find it highly improbable that the little bit of unhealthy from the cat food would translate into unhealthy in the eggs. BTW I also ate the eggs two days after I wormed the chickens - no side effects and we're still healthy

However your chickens will also love you scrambling those eggs up and feeding them back to them. My Snow White was laying softshelled eggs for about a week and she got to eat her eggs every day - she loved it.
what comes in the cat food in my honest opinion is probably better than whats in the slop the chickens get that laid the eggs you bought at the store. I would eat the eggs.
I would and do eat the eggs. It has never made us sick. My chickens eat some of my cat's food probably daily. My chickens free-range. Chickens eat just about anything.

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