clipped chip off chick? bad?

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  1. kefiren

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    i have 3-day-old chicks and one suddenly looked like pasty butt had arrived.

    when i started unpasting, i realized that the chick had a shell chip just below the vent.

    i soaked and soaked and that thing was just not coming off.

    i began to panic that chick was starting to get really cold.

    so i clipped the shell off as far away from the body as i could.

    stuck the chick back under the brooder.

    then i panicked and wondered if this was a horrible idea.

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    Is the chick actively bleeding? If so, maybe take it out and dry it off and wait until the bleeding stops to put it back in the brooder. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much! It will probably be okay in a few days.
  3. kefiren

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    thank you for your reply, mysunwolf. it seems the chick is getting along fine, though the other chicks are curious about why she is wet, they aren't bothering her too much. i just gave them all a nice treat to distract them. i will pick her up in a few hours and see how her butt looks. i feel dumb for not examining her more closely, poor thing's been very uncomfortable!

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