cocci in baby chicks

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    I have an established flock of 23 chicks 13 weeks old I also have 10 day old chicks in the brooder. The question is can I put my baby chicks on the ground where the others have been without anyone coming down with cocci ? The " older crowd has been allowed to free range all over ". Each set has their own coop & run but the older set has been all around none of the older have been sick or had any problems. Just another dumb newbie question [​IMG]
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    It is entirely possible that they can get cocci at their age with all the others poo around. You could try this for a week to acclimate them to the dirt....bring in a handfull of dirt from the ground where all the other birds have been, along with some dirt that has not been exposed to the others, mix it, and put it in a box in the brooder with the chicks for about 1 week or 2. They will scratch around and no doubt eat the dirt and slowly gain some immunity to any cocci. After about 2 weeks, they should be ready for the run. [​IMG]

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